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Road Hazard Program

Extra Coverage for Your Vehicle's Tires

Tire Mart supports the tire manufacturers’ warranties for all of the tire brands that we sell. These warranties relate to tires that have defects within the manufacturer’s control, such as craftsmanship and materials. A defect is defined as an imperfection in material or craftsmanship that causes inadequacy or failure.

Properly maintained tires can generally withstand the usual bumps and scrapes but it only takes one significant road hazard to leave you with a tire in need of replacement.

As you can imagine, if you cut your tire on a nail from a construction zone that you travel through each day, the manufacturer’s warranty is not going to cover that. A road hazard program would cover that though.

Road hazards can include any number of unexpected and often unavoidable road conditions or obstacles such as debris on the roadways, potholes and poorly maintained streets. A road hazard claim can occur when a tire ceases to function properly because of a hole, bruise or break sustained during the course of driving on a well-kept, serviced road. Potholes, glass and nails are the most common examples of these hazards. If any of these situations occur and you have our Tire Road Hazard Program, you will qualify for certain coverage on a pro-rated basis. For this reason, many motorists seek the additional security and peace of mind that our Tire Road Hazard Program provides.

Please note that this Road Hazard Program is not a warranty. Tire Mart does not warrant that its tires will not fail due to road hazard and does not authorize any person, including authorized Tire Mart personnel, to make such a warranty.

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