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Tire Pressure Monitoring

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If your car has a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), you need to be aware that many repair shops will NOT cover replacement of the sensors built into the wheels of those systems should damages occur during installation and balancing of tires. Individual sensors can cost as much as $100 or more each and dealer rates to re-set the systems can be very expensive as well.

Because Tire Mart uses the most advanced equipment and best trained technicians, we can guarantee no damage to TPMS sensors. In the unlikely event that damages should occur, Tire Mart will replace any sensors free of charge and provide re-setting of the system. Tire Mart offers an affordable TPMS Secure Service when tire changeovers are done and this charge will assure you of no further TPMS costs.

TPMS Secure Service can be considered insurance coverage as well as a hi-tech service charge. Due to a much higher risk of damages and other diagnostic complications, servicing TPMS systems demands expensive equipment and greater care and attention by technicians. This additional cost factor carries over to the customer. Since most vehicles currently on the road are not equipped with TPMS it would not be fair for Tire Mart to build its extra TPMS costs into all tire changeover prices and so we bill the TPMS Secure Service fee only when we find that your vehicle comes equipped with TPMS Wheel Sensors.