Tire Services

Tire Services

Drive with confidence in every season.

Our tire services at Tire Mart will equip you to drive safely and confidently no matter what the weather or road conditions are. And because you live and drive in Newfoundland, you know the importance of having the right set of tires. Also, our mechanical team can take care of all of your tire-related servicing needs, including tire changes, rotations, and repairs.

Our well-equipped service bays and skilled technicians will make sure that your mechanical work is done correctly and on time, and our friendly staff will make sure that you feel welcome and help you answer any questions that you might have. So, if you need your tires changed, rotated, or repaired, feel free to get in touch and we’d love to help you out. Our complete list of tire services are included below.

  • New tires available for purchase
  • We buy and sell used tires
  • ATV Tires
  • TPMS
  • Studding
  • RHP
  • Tire Storage
  • Nitrogen inflation
  • Vulcanize ATV Tires- add link to the resource page

*Note: Tire Mart’s labour rate is $84.95/hour